The story of “Patrick Biddle’s Great Adventure”

When Aunt Liddle visits ten-year-old Patrick Biddle, she unknowingly brings along a hitchhiking ant from Scotland . . . ornery, overly-dramatic, yet kind-hearted, Lutz McCoon. Before Lutz continues on to visit his relations at the ant colony in the Biddle’s backyard, he and Patrick become friends.

When Lutz McCoon discovers that all is not right in the colony, he remembers his friend and returns to seek his help. Patrick is magically shrunk, and after defeating a beetle in battle (with the help of the chatty, absent-minded snail, Miss Swelter), enters an amazing underground world—a place filled with thousands of ants zigzagging scooters, bicycles, cars, and trucks across thirty lanes of the Queen’s Highway; where Mr. Garble’s Grocery Store is stocked with mosquito legs, fly guts, and caterpillar bellies; where the county fair includes a flyball soup tasting contest (where Patrick ends up, quite reluctantly, as one of the judges); where the Garbage Police keeps everything spotless.

After settling in with the McGroon family (yes, those McGroons of McGroon Green Aphid ice cream fame), Patrick is assigned as a scout to help defend the colony. Despite his anxieties, he slowly gains confidence as he passes each challenge: leading a party of scouts up the giant apple tree to recruit Mr. Sipple; outwitting Smilk, a spider intent on eating Patrick and his friends; negotiating much-needed help from stubborn, suspicious Queen Blumpus.

His newfound skills, and the lessons he has learned, are put to a final severe test when he finally meets the colony’s archenemy: Sotrick. Little does Patrick know that Sotrick is not only menacing, devious, and smart, but he is also leading a secret army intent upon conquering the colony. Will Patrick pass the ultimate test? Find out what happens to Patrick and his friends in the comedy/adventure tale: “Patrick Biddle’s Great Adventure.”

For children 8-12 years old.

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Patrick Biddle Speaks!

Patrick Biddle comes alive as an audiobook with an exciting, funny narration by the author. Complete with sound effects, gags and fun-filled storytelling.

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Mr. Humdinger

Explore the further adventures of author Kurt Snow as he portrays Mr. Humdinger in "Mr. Humdinger Goes Fishing," a humorous, educational video about the commercial fishing industry that aired on PBS.

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