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Patrick Biddle’s Great Adventure is an awesome book. There was no chapter that wasn’t funny and adventurous. Just what every boy my age enjoys. My favorite chapter was; “Magic Peppers and Peas”. The part where Randy Bratz was covered in peas that turned into clay was hilarious! Thank’s for the book Mr. Snow

Michael L., Age 9

I thought the concept of someone shrinking down to the size of an insect was fascinating and I bought the book for my grand daughter, who wants to be an etymologist, in mind. It was a fun book to read, especially the part about the flyball soup!

Gwen, adult

Mr. Snow, this reason is why I write you. Your imagination is HUGE! I want to commend you on this well loved and written story. Thank you for writing this story. I think it is important to bring an imagination with one to his/her adult life. Thank you so much, Mr. Snow.

Elizabeth S.

I think it’s funny. Patrick is my favorite character because he’s so blunt and I like that. And I think ants are cute.

Mary Ellen, age 10

When I saw “Patrick Biddle,” I didn’t think it would be interesting. Surprisingly, it was very funny. I laughed really hard. I liked the part about the grocery store. My favorite part is at the fair during the soup eating contest. I wouldn’t like Dr. Drill to be my dentist. My favorite character is Lutz … I also like Mr. Sipple.

Emily U., age 11

My son read Patrick Biddle several years ago, when Kurt had just finished it, and he enjoyed it very much. He read it straight through and couldn’t put it down.

Annette C., adult

I liked “Patrick Biddle’s Great Adventure” because it was hilarious. I was laughing almost the whole book. It was one of my favorite summer reads. One of my favorite parts was when Patrick covers Randy Bratz in magic peas. My little sister is begging me to read it to her. I would recommend this book to the library.

Justice, N., age 11

Children’s pleasure reading at it’s best! Thank you, Mr. Snow, for providing a quality, entertaining story sure to delight all young readers!

Gina H., adult

“Patrick Biddle’s Great Adventure” is one of the funniest books I have ever read. There wasn’t a chapter that I read that I didn’t laugh at. The ants in the ant colony and Patrick’s friends were really silly and I couldn’t stop laughing. My favorite part was when Patrick fought the spider, Smilk. I was sad when I got to the end because I wanted to keep reading more. It’s the best book I ever read.

Kameron S., age 12

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